I am the President of Milestone Holding SAL. I am a licensed and insured Lebanese General Contractors.

Let me tell you why I chose Milestone as our name. First and foremost, it represents my commitment to every single person and or customer. For most families, their list of dreams includes a wonderful home, and they are willing to go all-out to fulfill that dream. They need a contractor who is willing to share in that commitment to their dreams, and I can completely relate.

Over the years, I began working my way up the ladder for one of the most successful builders in the region. I began my career at the ripe age of 20, working on-site with the engineers and contractors, and years later, I found myself in a high-rise office overseeing teams all over the Mount region of Lebanon. When the housing bubble burst and the market crashed in 2015, I took that horrible situation and turned it into an opportunity for growth.  I stepped away from a great career with a great company to pursue my dream of entrepreneurship. In what may have been the biggest gamble of my life, I went all in and have never looked back.

Since Milestone began business in 2015, we have grown from a surviving one company show to a thriving four affiliate companies that are constantly growing and expanding. We are now one of the Top Ten Largest Remodeling contractors in the Lebanese Market. I am proud of how far my dream has come and how far it still has to go.

I have spent these last six decades learning how and how not to run a business. I understand the importance of learning who your customers really are and treating them like gold. Building and nurturing relationships with my employees and customers is the single most important thing I will ever do as a business owner.

Along the way, I have discovered and employed some of the finest subcontractors in the industry. I spent year’s personally negotiating deals and building exceptional working relationships with them to ensure that we receive the best prices verses quality in the industry, even when compared to the national building companies. I have extended those efforts into Milestone’s business strategy, which allows me to provide an exceptional value to my customers and still give them the personal attention and quality service they deserve.

Achieving all of this takes an incredible commitment. It takes being willing to put it all on the line.

My hopes are promising to develop and modernize the business with you and or whoever will inherit or come to run Milestone.

If you are ready to go with me to achieve your dreams, contact me today. We’ll set up an appointment and get rolling on your estimate. I look forward to speaking with you soon!


Jean Kahy

Milestone Holding SAL